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Inclement Weather Information

If MATC closes due to inclement weather, the notice will be available through RAVE (emergency alert system) to your cell phone and/or email, on MATC website, radio and television stations listed below, as well as the campus answering machine as soon as possible.  There are three levels of closure: 1) cancellation of all classes and activities for the day and evening 2) delayed opening until 10:00 am, and 3) early release of personnel and students including the cancellation of evening activities.



2018 Spring and Summer General Education courses

This is a list of general education courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to be accepted in transfer for general education credit at any public postsecondary educational institution in Kansas.  Please contact the Office of Admissions at for more information.



Certified Nurse Aide Class

ALH100- 1S221 5 credit hours, Manhattan Area Technical College

WHEN: Spring 2018 Semester – January 11 to April 12, 2018 during 7th hour, Manhattan High School

Thursdays, beginning January 11, 2:45-5:45 pm at MATC, Nursing Lab/Classroom


WHAT: This course follows the curriculum specified by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) for instruction of persons planning employment as certified nurse aides in long-term care facilities (nursing homes), or who plan to pursue health careers. Outside-of-class reading and homework assignments are required. After successful completion of the course, students are eligible to take the state certifying exam for the CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) in Kansas.


NOTES: (1) CNAs under 18-years-old may not operate any patient/resident lift/hoist devices, under the Child Labor Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division. This may impact employment options for CNAs under age 18.

(2) CNAs are eligible for employment for 24 months following the date the certificate is issued. To extend the eligibility period, the CNA must be employed to perform nurse assistant tasks for at least eight hours in the 24-month period. CNA certificates do not expire, but they become inactive if the employment requirement is not met. The process of re-activating an inactive certificate requires a refresher course, which may be an additional expense. Generally professional schools (nursing, etc.) require active CNA status at time of application and admission.


WHERE: Class meets 7th hour for independent work (reading, writing, viewing, practicing) at MHS-W

Labs: Thursdays, January through April, 2:45-5:45 pm, Manhattan Area Technical College, Room 103B.

Clinicals: three, 8-hour shifts, 5:30 am - 2:15 pm meet at a nursing home in Manhattan, on scheduled weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) in March & April.

Transportation to labs and clinicals is the responsibility of the student or parent.


COST: $95.00. Make checks payable to MATC (Manhattan Area Technical College).

Fee is due at time of enrollment. Fee includes state certification test fees, consumable

lab supplies, background check, and liability insurance.


Additional information:

►Student must pass the CASAS reading test administered by MATC. Call MATC, 785-320-4567, for appointment. If student has completed a college-level reading and writing class (English Composition, or similar) with grade “C” or higher, test may be waived.

►Students submit report of negative TB skin test administered November 2017 or after. The TB skin test is available at physician’s offices, Riley County Health Department, walk-in urgent care clinics, and Fort Riley clinics.

A Copy of TB Test Report is due upon enrollment.

►Students must show documentation of 2017-2018 season flu immunization.

A Copy of flu immunization documentation is due upon enrollment.

Scrubs are to be worn at all class meetings including lecture, lab & clinical times, which must be purchased by the student in

Caribbean Blue (dark teal color) or Wine (maroon) color. Student needs scrubs by January 11, 2018. Closed toe, closed heel, non-slip shoes are required for labs at MATC and clinical shifts at the long-term care facility. Ladies please wear appropriate undergarments to not expose yourself during laboratory/clinical times.


Be sure to bring to enrollment:

  • 2 personal documents required: (1) a state issue photo ID (driver’s license) and (2) your Social Security card;

  • Passing score for CASAS Reading Test administered by MATC;

  • A Copy of the Annual TB test & Influenza vaccination for year 2017-2018 seasons;

  • $95 payment to MATC;

  • Complete these:

(1) Application for State Test,

(2) Criminal Record Check form,

(3) MATC Application, and

(4) CNA Enrollment Check Sheet.



Attendance is required! You must attend this class to be successful. Be PREPARED when you come to class! Be there EVERY DAY!

►Students who miss more than 10 percent of class time at MHS will be withdrawn from the class. Students must fully attend all Thursday class sessions at MATC. Students CANNOT miss any clinical time scheduled at a local long-term care facility. This course complies with federal and state regulations; full attendance is required for successful completion. Absences are considered voluntary withdrawal from the course. Documentation is required for absences due to illness or emergency.



►Students will receive a 100% refund of the class fee if written notification is received at MHS Counseling Office before the class begins on January 11. No refunds after this date.

Mark Ballinger BSN RN, CCMA, CMAA

3136 Dickens Ave., Manhattan, KS 66503

785-587-2800 (phone) 1-800-352-7575 785-587-2804 (fax)

Certified Nurse Assistant Class

CNA Refresher/Update

CNA Refresher Update Course; Call 785-587-2800



Valentine's Day Contest

Think you can guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar?  Come to the TLC and how how many pieces of candy are in each of our candy jars.  The closest without going over will win the candy in that jar and an item of their choice from MATC Online.  One winner per jar.  Each participant has 1 free guess and can purchase additional guesses with a donation to the food pantry.  Winners announced February 15th at 12:00 pm.



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