Payment of Fees/Promise to Pay

I understand that when I register for any class at Manhattan Area Technical College or receive any service from Manhattan Area Technical College I accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees, and other associated costs assessed as a result of my registration and/or receipt of services.  I further understand and agree that my registration and acceptance of these terms constitutes a promissory note agreement (i.e., a financial obligation in the form of an educational loan as defined by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code at 11 U.S.C. §523 (a)(8)) in which Manhattan Area Technical College is providing me educational services, deferring some or all of my payment obligation for those services, and I promise to pay for all assessed tuition, fees and other associated costs by the published or assigned due date.

I understand and agree that if I drop or withdraw from some or all of the classes for which I register, I will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published tuition refund schedule at Manhattan Area Technical College.  I have read the terms and conditions of the published tuition refund schedule and understand those terms are incorporated herein by reference.  I further understand that my failure to attend class or receive a bill does not absolve me of my financial responsibility as described above.


Delinquent Account/Collection

Financial Hold:  I understand and agree that if I fail to pay for my student account bill or any monies due and owing Manhattan Area Technical College by the scheduled due date, Manhattan Area Technical College will place a financial hold on my student account, preventing me from registering for future classes, requesting transcripts, or receiving my diploma.


Collection Agency Fees:  I understand and accept that if I fail to pay my student account bill or any monies due and owing Manhattan Area Technical College by the scheduled due date, and fail to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring my account current, Manhattan Area Technical College may refer my delinquent account to a collection agency.  I further understand that I am responsible for paying the collection agency fee which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of Manhattan Area Technical College percent of my delinquent account, together with all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, necessary for the collection of my delinquent account.  Finally, I understand that my delinquent account may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus.


Financial Aid

I understand that my Financial Aid Award is contingent upon my continued enrollment and attendance in each class upon which my financial aid eligibility was calculated.  If some or all of my financial aid is revoked because I dropped or failed to attend class, I agree to repay all revoked aid that was disbursed to my account and resulted in a credit balance that was refunded to me.



You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees should be paid by the first day of each semester and are determined by the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled and additional costs such as tools, uniforms, etc.  A student who has not met this obligation within 10 business days after the start of the semester for fall and spring semesters may be dropped from their courses with Manhattan Area Technical College.  The payment deadline for the summer semester is 5 business days after the start of the semester.  This does not apply to financial aid and VA education benefit recipients that have completed the entire financial aid or VA certification process. For those students, payment will be expected from the first financial aid disbursement.  If financial aid or VA education benefits are not sufficient to cover the full tuition and fee balance, the student is responsible for the remaining balance owed.  A student should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine where they are in this process.


Payment for classes is due no later than 10 business days after the start of the semester for fall and spring courses and 5 business days after the start of the semester for summer courses.  Students who have not paid or made arrangements for payment through the Student Account Coordinator by the payment due date will be dropped from their courses.  Students whose courses have been dropped may re-enroll if courses are still available and payment arrangements are made at the time of enrollment.

  • You may pay your account balance by selecting the My Account Information portlet available on this page when signed in, you may pay using a credit or debit card.  If you have questions regarding online payments, please contact the Student Account Coordinator at 785.320.4512 or
  • To mail payments, students should send check or money order with full name, ID#, and program to:

Manhattan Area Technical College

Attn: Student Account Coordinator

3136 Dickens Avenue

Manhattan, KS  66503


Manhattan Tech Payment Plan 

Manhattan Area Technical College offers a payment plan as an option.  The Manhattan Tech payment plan allows students to pay for tuition, student fees, and course fees in monthly installments when enrolled in non-continuing education courses for fall, spring, and/or summer. 

No interest or finance charges are assessed, but a 10% down payment plus a $25 non-refundable set-up fee are due at the time the payment plan agreement is signed.  Manhattan Tech accepts cash, check, money orders, credit, and debit card.  The remaining balance will be divided into monthly payments over the current semester, due by the fifteenth of each month.


Note: Certificates and degrees will not be awarded until payment is made in full.


What Students Need to Know about Manhattan Tech’s Payment Plan:  

  • A business hold will be placed on the student’s account. Once the balance has been paid in full, the hold will be lifted. A business hold prevents a student from enrolling in additional courses, upcoming semesters and/or receiving grades, a transcript and degree/certification.
  • Students are responsible for the full amount of tuition, fees, lab fees and other charges on their account that are deferred unless they officially drop and/or withdraw within the refund period.
  • Failure to attend classes or lack of attendance does not constitute an official drop. Students are still responsible for the balance due on their accounts.
  • Final payments are due prior to the last day of the class in that semester.
  • For any changes, students must contact the Student Account Coordinator at 785-320-4512 or
  • Students will not be able to register in additional classes or upcoming semesters if there are any outstanding balances on their accounts. Accounts will be turned over to collections and/or the Kansas Setoff program if left unpaid at the end of the semester.

Julia Strength, Student Account Coordinator

Located in the front office